Level: 111
Server: Vanguard
Fleet: RedBull
Critical Error Occured!!!
Mar 15 2009 7:41PM    
Ich hatte meinen Computer neu formatiert und anschliessend Windows XP
wieder installiert und mir denn deutschen client runter geladen.
Erst startete das Programm auch normal,konnte mich aber nicht ein loggen
und hatte einen Systemabsturz.
Beim zweiten Versuch das Programm zu starten bekomme ich die Meldung

Critical Error Occured!!!
Error Code:0xF3B2

I had formatted my computer and afterwards had installed Windows XP again
and downloaded to me then German client.The program also started normally,
however, could not log me and had a system fall. With the second attempt to
begin the program I get the announcement

Critical Error Occured!!!
Error Code:0xF3B2

Level: 120
Server: Europa
Fleet: PL Punishers
Re : Critical Error Occured!!!
Mar 15 2009 9:38PM    
If you get error 1607, 1628 , 0xFA4C , 0xF3B2

Remove all NF files, first start in Control panel and remove ENFUNS
Updater and any Navyfield installations. Then go to your program files
area and look for SDenternet folders, delete them. Find all previous downloads,
patches, ETC. DELETE them.

Download newest version of InstallSheild:

Double Click on file (if you do not have the ability to open .zip files,
you will need to download winzip or similar program).

Run enclosed file.

Download NF. Be sure you do so from and not from
some outdated mirror.

Restart Computer.

Reinstall, dont open other programs, make sure installer is on top.

This should then prompt you to download the ENFUNS updater. Click
yes. It will download and install it's self. This should eventually end
with you back at desktop.
Access your firewall, wether that be the built in windows firewall, or
zonealarm or that norton icon in the corner.. you will NEED to allow the
ENFUNS Updater access to the internet.

Next double click Launcher from your desktop, and you will start the
updater, it will update a few files.

Then click play game, and you should be all good.